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Lulu ION

Lulu ION

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The Lulu ION is the most advanced mattress of its kind. Employing it's advanced Bioceramic Fabric, the ION totally re-energizes your body by using F.I.R. (Far Infrared Ray) technology, from the inside out, and while you sleep. Supercharging your body and mind while significantly improving your overall health. 

The Lulu ION mattress is the culmination of years of research and development. The ION is made of the same quality materials as the Lulu Dimensions mattress and has a 12 inch profile. 

Starting with a high density duo-foam base layer for lasting durability and exceptional quality, then a layer of 100% Natural Talalay Latex for comforting pressure relief and buoyancy, then a layer of advanced comfort foam for a luxurious feel, and finally a layer of CoolGel visco-elastic memory foam for conforming support, temperature regulation, and the ultimate in pressure relief.

Then comes the Ion's signature Bioceramic Fabric. This layer, which is directly under the sleep surface, reflects Far Infrared rays back into the body, warming the body internally, resulting in increased blood flow, detoxification, increased metabolic function, quicker recover times, and temporary pain relief.

The Bioceramic Technology helps to recover faster of lower back pain and is ideal to bring relief after a long day

The Ion is wrapped in a advanced hexagonal quilted cover made up of a blend of polyester, rayon, and lycra for long lasting durability, comforting, cooling, and style.

All materials used in Lulu's mattresses are Low VOC and Non-Toxic.

Like all of Lulu's other outstanding products, the Lulu ION is made entirely in the USA from American manufactured raw materials.

The Lulu ION is the best mattress to buy online!