Lulu Dimensions 12 Inch Memory Foam in Queen Size on wooden bed in customers home. Black and pink bedding with black, white, and pink accent pillows.
Lulu Dimensions - Premium LuxFirm 12 inch
lulu mattress dimensions 12 inch memory foam in box
Lulu Dimensions 12 inch Memory Foam Foam Mattress close up front right facing corner shot showing Lulu Logo on Foot tag sewn in seam. The mattress is covered in a 2 tone cover, with the bottom 4 inches around side panels in a dark blue and the top panel and sleeping surface in a soft white fabric with an embossed wave pattern. Set on a white background
Picture of proper support and pressure relief provided by Lulu Mattresses as compared to traditional coil spring mattresses.
hand impression in gel memory foam
Rolled memory foam mattress
box for rolled memory foam mattress

Lulu Dimensions - Premium LuxFirm 12 inch

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The Lulu Dimensions Premium Luxury Firm mattress is the culmination of years of research, development, and trials, resulting in the ultimate sleeping experience. The Dimension's 12 inch profile works well on any bed. All it needs is a solid surface to sit on, whether a Lulu foundation or a platform bed

Starting with a high density duo-foam base layer for lasting durability and exceptional quality, this layer lies at the core of the innovative design that makes up the Dimensions' advanced sleep technology. The base layer is also the key in providing exceptional support and spinal alignment for better overall health.

The heart of this mattress comes next. A layer of 100% Natural Rubber Talalay Latex sits atop the High Density Foam Layer. Talalay Latex is one, if not the most, luxurious materials used in the mattress industry. Its unique cell structure has a built-in natural buoyancy offering durable support along with comforting pressure relief. The talalay's extra responsive breathability works well with the cool gel layer to provide an optimum sleep temperature for a luxurious night's sleep.

Next, a layer of Advanced Comfort Foam brings luxurious, conforming comfort to the sleeping experience. Specially designed foam adds to the luxurious feel of the mattress providing a layer of perfect soothing plushness to this Luxury Firm bed.

Finally, the Dimensions is topped with the most advanced product in sleep comfort, Cool Gel ViscoElastic Memory Foam. In regular foam mattresses, the cells of the foam are non-porous and hold heat. The technology designed into Cool Gel Memory Foam not only allows the mattress to BREATH away heat that is built up during sleep but also assist in regulating an optimum sleep temperature of 60 - 67 degrees Fahrenheit, providing cooling comfort. At this temperature, research shows that the body begins its transition in NREM sleep; relaxing more, heartbeat and breathing slow and become more regulated, muscles relax and de-gas. Once this occurs, REM sleep begins, and its what dreams are made of. This is when we get the most rejuvenating night's sleep imaginable, waking up feeling vibrant and energetic. 

All foams used in Lulu's mattresses are Low VOC.

The Dimensions is wrapped in a durable, zippered, luxuriously soft machine washable cover.

Like all of Lulu's other outstanding products, the Dimensions is made entirely in the USA from American manufactured raw materials.

The premium materials of our beds are perfect as the best option for an adjustable bed.

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