Lulu Worry Free Mattress Encasement
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Lulu Worry Free Mattress Encasement

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The Lulu Premium Luxury Mattress Encasement provides 6 different protective benefits in one.
Allergens, dust mites, pet dander, sweat, body shed, and odor causing bacteria’s cannot penetrate the protection of our Premium Encasement.
100% BED BUG PROOF and provides years of Worry- Free Protection.
Why choose a Lulu Worry Free Encasement?
Unlike other protectors, Lulu Worry Free Mattress Encasements are made with a soft, breathable outer fabric of the highest quality and come fully backed 100% BED BUG PROOF NANOTECH fabric with proprietary seams to protect against mattress infestations.
Lulu Worry Free Premium Luxury Mattress Encasements are Entomologist Tested, Lab Certified, and 100% Quality Assured.