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Lulu Worry Free Premium Luxury Mattress Encasement

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The Lulu Premium Luxury Mattress Encasement provides 6 different protective benefits in one easy to use protector. Lulu's FULL encasement is 100% BED BUG PROOF and provides years of Worry Free Protection.

Not only does it protect your Lulu mattress from life's little accidents, but it also protects it from a multitude of other things that can speed up the deterioration of your mattress. Our premium protector is not only 100% waterproof, but it also keeps other harmful elements from reaching your bed...Allergens, dust mites, pet dander, sweat, body shed, and odor causing bacterias can not penetrate the awesome protection our Premium Encasement offers.

Why is it important to protect my mattress??

Bed Bugs are often brought into the home unknowingly on clothing or in luggage. Once in your home they can easy nest inside your bedding. An infestation inside your mattress can be very costly and difficult to eliminate. By encasing your mattress, you can rest assured knowing your Lulu mattress is always fully protected.

Why choose a Lulu Worry Free Encasement??

Unlike other protectors, Lulu Worry Free mattress encasements are made with a soft, breathable outer fabric of the highest quality and come fully backed 100% BED BUG PROOF NANOTECH fabric with proprietary seams to protect against mattress infestations.

Lulu Worry Free Premium Luxury Mattress Encasements are Entomologist Tested, Lab Certified, and 100% Quality Assured.