lulu 8 inch memory foam mattress
lulu 8 inch memory foam mattress
Picture of proper support and pressure relief provided by Lulu Mattresses as compared to traditional coil spring mattresses.
Photograph of Lulu Fit mattress in its compressed rolled form and how it arrives to your home after unboxing. Compressed rolled mattress is approximately 14 inches in diameter and 38-84 inches in length depending on size of mattress.
The Lulu Box measures at 14.5 inches in width by 14.5 inches in height and varies from 62 inches to 84 inches long depending on mattress being packaged. The box is made of heavy corrugated material and is white in color. On all 4 sides of box positioned towards the ends is the Lulu logo in Bright light blue hue. Running the remaining length of the box is Lulu Mattress slogan Better Sleep equals Better Health.

Lulu FIT Cushion Firm 8 inch

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The Lulu FIT was designed around the core principles of Lulu. Better health through better sleep while remaining an affordable choice for all. That's why it's FIT for everyone.

With a 8 inch profile and medium feel, it is an excellent choice for side and stomach sleepers with a smaller body build. The FIT's carefully thought out design mixes quality Super High Density Foam for outstanding performance, durability, and support with Space Age, Nasa created Visco Elastic Temper Memory Foam Cool Gel for the ultimate in pressure relief and breathability. 

Lulu uses Nasa's innovative Visco Elastic Memory Foam to absorb energy exerted by the body into the mattress during sleep, reducing pressure on sensitive nerve centers of the body. The memory foam also conforms to the natural shape of the body, properly aligning the spine and providing exceptional musculoskeletal support. Due to the energy absorbing properties of the memory foam, there is a 95% reduction in motion transfer, eliminating sleep disruption.

The Cool gel helps regulate sleep temperature by effectively channeling heat away from the body, helping to maintain an optimal sleep temperature of 60-67 degrees, inducing sleep faster and allowing the body to relax more. The gel infusion also increases the overall density of the foam adding to its longevity.

The FIT, as all of Lulu's products, is made in the USA with ONLY raw materials originating or manufactured in America and is manufactured with Low VOC materials.