Lets start by answering the question everyone has..."What makes Lulu different from Casper, Lessa, Lull, and all the other boxed memory foam companies out there?"

We are the manufacturer for more than 100 years, Lulu has been manufacturing beds right here in America. Unlike "Others" who claim they are make their products in the USA but import all their raw materials, such as foam, textiles, even their boxes from overseas and just assemble them here, Lulu is truly home grown and 100% made in the US.

Starting with the raw materials, Lulu's exclusive foam cores are poured here, by American workers in an American factory. Next, all of the textiles used to make Lulu's soft and luxurious covers are milled, woven, and sewn here, in the USA. All of Lulu's mattresses are assembled, wrapped, and packaged in our own plant.

What this means to you is that every Lulu mattress is touched by a Lulu employee, not just a packaging facility.

We inspect every mattress before it is boxed and shipped from our factory. This way we can make sure that your new Lulu mattress meets to our highest standards of excellence and also meets all Federal and Local Safety guidelines. 

Utilizing the industry's most innovative and advanced materials in all its mattresses, Lulu is second to none.

Starting a with a base of Closed Cell, Super High Density DuoFoam for long lasting durability and superior deep down support. In the 1970's, NASA created a super foam material known as Open Cell ViscoElastic Temper Foam or as it is more commonly known, Memory Foam.

This material was created to go into the seats of the space shuttle and other vehicles to combat stresses and body fatigue experienced by astronauts upon launch and re-entry to and from space.

Advanced Body Mapping Technology has shown that the open celled technology of Visco Foam allows it to absorb huge amounts of energy, effectively reducing pressure up to 70%. This is what makes it perfect for all of Lulu's beds.

The memory foam also conforms to the body's natural shape, providing the musculoskeletal system with support needed to maintain proper spinal alignment during sleep. As a result of its energy absorption properties, memory foam reduces motion transfer by 95%, eliminating sleep disruption normally caused by traditional spring mattresses.

In recent years, researchers discovered that Memory foam could be improved by infusing it with Microbeads of a material called cool gel and developed Cool Gel Memory Foam.

This gel coated the open cells of the Visco foam, increasing the overall density of the foam, making it more durable and also more effective at relieving pressure.

Another key feature of this new foam was it's ability to dissipate heat and move it away from the body, dramatically reducing heat retention by the mattress. By doing this, they were able to more readily maintain optimal sleep temperatures of 60-67 degrees, the temperatures where the body becomes more relaxed, allowing sleepers to wake up feeling more rejuvenated and refreshed.

Lulu uses this Cool Gel Memory Foam technology in all 4 of its beds; the Fit, the Lulu Original, the Dimensions (which also includes All Natural Talalay Latex), and the Lulu Ion (same as Dimensions but with Bioceramic Material) featuring its patented Bioceramic Yarn technology. This in combination with the high density base foam and Lulu's soft and durable luxurious cover makes Lulu the most comfortable and longest lasting mattress on the market.