Better Health through Better Sleep


At Lulu we believe good health starts with healthy habits. That's why a good night's sleep is so important to overall health and well being. Lulu significantly improves the quality of sleep by utilizing space age materials that mold to the shape of the body, relieving pressure while providing superior support. The Micro CoolGel Memory Foam layer regulates sleep temperature to help maintain optimal sleep temperature. By combining performance, with support, and luxurious comfort, Lulu will start your day energized and with a new sense of Vitality.

Research has proven that getting a better night's sleep literally improves overall health. Sleeping helps us to repair and restore our brains. A good night's sleep lets not only your body rest but also your brain, giving it time to catch up and get ready for what's next. Great sleep helps improve mood by allowing us to process emotions better. Getting a good night's sleep also makes for a healthier heart, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, giving your heart and blood vessels a bit of a rest.
Well Being. It is defined as a state of alignment of body, mind, and spirit. All of which need to be recharged and functioning at 100% to be effective. By improving health through better sleep we are preparing the body from the inside out to maximize its function. We awake more energized and refreshed ready to take on the world. A good night sleeps allows the mind to rest as well as the body, When we sleep the mind restores itself, making our thoughts clearer and more concise.  Good sleep improves our mood and the way we balance emotions. 
By improving health through proper support, advanced pressure relieving technology, and increasing the quality of sleep while resting the body and the mind you promote a better overall lifestyle. With increased physical vigor, more energy, liveliness, we increase our capacity to grow, develop and endure. And with better health comes more of a will to live, a will to strive and overcome. A NEW SENSE OF VITALITY. Then we really begin to live.
The Lulu ION Miracle Yarn..An evolution in sleep.
Lulu Ion's Miracle Yarn technology ushers in a new age of sleep recovery and with it, better health. Using the human body as it's power source, Lulu Ion's advanced ceramic coated fibers (the foundation of Miracle Yarn) reflects Far Infrared Rays (F.I.R.) that are naturally emitted through heat by the body back onto the skin, where they are absorbed deep into the subcutaneous tissue. The Ion fabric only reflects the FIR and allows heat to escape, helping to moderate sleep temperatures. These FIR rays dilate blood vessels and stimulate the microcirculatory system, increasing blood flow; delivering vital nutrients, blood cells, and antibodies at a faster rate. Through resonant vibration, FIR also stimulates water molecules that are stored in the body. This aids in hydration and also helps to push toxins that are stored in fat cells out of the body. All while you sleep. Restore...Regenerate...Re-Energize..that is the Lulu Ion way.