With Lulu ... A great 1/3rd is the catalyst, or start, to an exceptional 2/3rds. Meaning, we spend a 1/3rd of our lives sleeping. The other 2/3rds we spend working and playing. By beginning with a great nights sleep for the 1/3rd we spend in the bed, our body's rejuvenate and recover to make our 2/3rds exceptional.

What makes Lulu Mattress different than all the other Bed In A Box Companies?

First off, Lulu is built entirely by a mattress manufacturer that has been in business for over 100 years. Every piece of a Lulu mattress, from the milled fabric and threads to the foam and even the boxes they ship in, is made right here in America.

How long after ordering my mattress will it be delivered?

Depending on your location, your new mattress should be delivered to your door within 3-5 business days.

How does the 101 RISK FREE Nights Sleep Trial Work?

Lulu is so confident that you will love your new mattress, that we give you 101 Nights to try it, RISK FREE, or we will refund your purchase and arrange for your mattress to be picked up at no extra charge to you.

Who will deliver my Lulu Mattress?

Lulu has partnered with FedEX (Federal Express), one of the nation's oldest and most trusted carrier services, to deliver your new bed, right to your door.

How will my new Lulu Mattress arrive?

Your new luxurious night's sleep will arrive condensed and rolled in a fashionable LULU box. The box will measure 14" x 14" x 64"-or- 84" Long.

How do I unpack my Lulu mattress?

Your New Lulu mattress will arrive roll packed. This means it has been flattened and rolled into a long cylinder. Once rolled it is pressed into a thick plastic sleeve before going into a fashionable corrugated box for shipping. When you mattress arrives, carefully open the box making sure not to cut the mattress or plastic it is in. Once the box is open, slide the mattress out and place on top of your Lulu Foundation or box spring/platform bed. Using a pair of blunt end scissors or other cutting device without a sharp end, careful begin to cut open the plastic sleeve. BE VERY CAREFUL DURING THIS STAGE. Your mattress is roll packed under extreme pressure. Once the plastic is completely open it will spring to life. It is recommended that you allow your new mattress at least 4-6 hours to breath and come back to life after being stuffed in a box. That way, the foam can fully recover and give you the best support possible.

If I am not satisfied with my Lulu, how do I get it back in the box?

Don't worry!! You DO NOT need to put your Lulu mattress back in a box

Do I need to flip my Lulu mattress?

No. Lulu has designed its mattresses to be ONE SIDED. Unlike older model innerspring mattresses, Lulu's blend of premium materials such as Natural Latex, Nasa inspired Visco-Elastic Memory and Gel Infused Foams, are designed with not only comfort, but durability in mind.

What is the technology used in the Lulu Ion?

More details about the Lulu Ion will be public once the product is released.

What payment options do I have?

Through Shopify's payment system you can securely pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Google and Apple Pay, and more.