Sleep has EVOLVED

What if while you slept, your body could virtually recharge, restore, and regenerate itself on a bio-molecular level?

Introducing the Lulu ION.

The Lulu ION is the most advanced mattress of its kind. Employing advanced fabrics made with Miracle Yarn (ceramic coated fibers), the ION totally re-energizes your body by using F.I.R. (Far Infrared Ray) technology, from the inside out, and while you sleep. Supercharging your body and mind while significantly improving your overall health. 

Lulu Ion mattress cover rolled back


Lulu Ion Bioceramic fabric

The story behind ION’s Miracle Yarn Technology.

Lulu's Miracle Yarn (ceramic coated threads) is the ultimate discovery in the textile industry. After years of research, scientist found that certain minerals, including titanium, aluminum, zinc, and more than a dozen others, were characterized by thermic capacity and light reflecting properties. Technicians began bonding these minerals on a molecular level with threads that were later spun into yarn. This material, known as Miracle Yarn, or ceramic coated thread, was born and began finding its way into fabrics. Miracle yarn technology is permanent and does not wear out over time. 

properties of bioceramic material

How Miracle Yarn Technology works

When heat is emitted from the body, and comes in contact with Lulu ION’s advanced fabric with Miracle Yarn technology, it is reflected back to the body as F.I.R.s or Far Infrared Rays. Those rays are easily absorbed into the skin and penetrate deep inside the subcutaneous layers. The heat generated by F.I.R. facilitates the relaxation of contracted muscles.  F.I.R. energy cause water molecules to cluster, increasing their hydration capacity. Heat from F.I.R. heats blood vessels, causing vasodilation, increasing circulation, and sends more nutrients, oxygen, white blood cells, and antibodies into the tissue. Working with water molecules, the increased circulation facilitates the removal of catabolites (toxins) generated during metabolisms. Research has shown that the re-introduction of F.I.R. to the body has an indispensable contribution to growth and development of muscle and tissue. Miracle Yarn has been proven to increase your body's performance.


explanation of FIR emissions
Sleep has EVOLVED from not just a necessity but to an innovation in health and wellness.

Better Sleep = Better Health = Better Life.